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Meters & Relays

    1. PLC Control System
      DDSI39 series PLC static energy meter is a terminal unit of automatic reading system based on special large scale integrated circuit and SMT technology by adopting microelectronic and computer technology as core technology and depending on modern management. simple structure, high reliable performance and security, etc.
    1. Prepayment Energy Meter
      DDSY39 (LCD) adopts LSI &SMT industry element and long-duration element of international band. It meets the require ment of GB/T18460.3-2001:The third part of the IC prepayment sale system; prepayment meter.
    1. Single Phase Meter, Three Phase Meter
      DTSD3/DSSD2 three-phase multi-function energy meter is the new generation intelligent meter designed by our company adopting the advanced technology. The products have the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, strong function ,convenient operation, etc, and conform to the standards of IE C1036, IEC1107,IEC687&IEC1268.
    1. HYC461 ACR controller is a new generation of digital relaying control terminal produced by HEAG. It can protect, control, measure and monitor the grid with voltage below 40.5kV. It is suitable for a variety of system operating modes, including isolated neutral system, resistance-grounded system and arc suppression coils grounding system.