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  • Power Transmission and Distribution

    1. Power Transmission & Distribution Engineering: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Hidden Protection Project; Guangzhou Asian Games Electricity Conservation Project; Shennongjia Forest Region Two Estuary; Rao Jia River Hydropower Station; Southern Power Grid; Three Gorges Project; Datang Huaibei Power Plant; Jiujiang Distributed Energy Station; Taizhou Power Plant; Nuclear Power Project...

  • Wind Power Plant

    1. China HuaDian:
    HuaDian Inner Mongolia Wei Village Wind Farm Phase Ⅰ/ Phase Ⅱ
    HuaDian HuaDe SanSheng Wind Farm Phase Ⅰ/ Phase Ⅱ
    HuaDian ZheJiang ZhouShan ChangBai Wind Farm
    HuaDian Inner Mongolia ZhengLan Banner DaAoBao Wind Farm Phase Ⅰ/ Phase Ⅱ

  • Environmental Protection

    The wastewater treatment station of Huzhou Anji Jushui Plating Co., Ltd; Ecological restoration project in Kongjia river, Bingjiang district, Hangzhou; Phosphorus Wastewater Treatment Project; Hangzhou Xiasha economic development zone; The SNWD Project; Datang, Fuxin, the second stage of sewage disposal project for coal gas…