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YB-Z▪D-12 Underground Compact Substation

YB-Z D-12  Underground Compact Substation

The YB-Z▪D-12 underground compact substation is a kind of compact substation which can be semi-underground or fully-underground. It is underground, so the noise pollution and electromagnetic radiation can be reduced. Thus, YB-Z▪D-12 is suitable for cities with large population density. It can be used for illumination and power distribution in the street, airport, port, tour sites etc.

The YB-Z▪D-12 underground compact substation has the following advantages:
1. Because of the soil covered on the substation, the temperature and energy consumption of the substation are reduced.
2. The ground can provide protection from the noise and radiation.
3. It can survive from flood and fire because it has ultra-good leak tightness.

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