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Solar and Wind Hybrid Street Light

Solar and Wind Hybrid Street Light

The solar and wind hybrid street light uses solar and wind power together as a system to make lighting. The lamp is designed to maximize the efficient use of generated energy using energy-saving luminaries which are switched automatically by a light sensor. The light is used in industrial parks, factories, top grade housing estates, parks, and so on.

Technical Specifications of Solar and Wind Hybrid Street Light

The Power of LED Street Light (50W)
Voltage (24VDC)
Luminous flux (3250lm)
Height of light (7m)
Height of pole (10m)
Power of solar panel (100 W,1 set, monocrystalline)
Wind generator (300W)
Material of blade (GRP, FRP)
Space between 2 poles (25m)
Working time (8-12 hours, 4 days in rainy days ,without wind)
Battery (12V200AH,1 set)
Mode of switch (Optical switch/time switch, 300W/24VDC)
Defend scale (IP 65)
Controller (Intelligent)
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