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Indoor AC Medium Voltage Earthing Switch

Indoor AC Medium Voltage Earthing Switch

An earthing switch is a safety device. It is used to open or to close a circuit when there is no current through them. Earth switches can be used to isolate a part of a circuit, a machine, a part of an overhead line or an underground line so as to ensure safe maintenance. Earthing switches are necessary to earth the conducting parts before maintenance and to provide deliberate short-current while testing.

This indoor MV earthing switch is applicable for AC 50HZ, 12Kv rated voltage power supply system. It conforms to GB/T1985-89 AC H.V. Disconnector and Earthing Switch and IEC-129. It is mainly used for earthing protection and can be matched with all kinds of H.V. switchgear. It is a whole style earthing switch. It is comprised of pedestal, supporting insulator, moving fixed contact, main shaft and swift spring.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage 12/40.5Kv
Rated short-time withstand current 31.5/40KA
Rated peak withstand current 80/100KA
Rated duration of short-circuit 4s
Rated short-circuit closing current 80/100KA
Rated peak withstand current 80KA
Center distance between poles 150/165/210/230/250/275/350/385/460Kv
1min P.F withstand voltage phase to phase, to earth 42Kv, gaps49Kv
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) phase to phase, to earth 75Kv, gaps85Kv
Altitude above sea level 1000-3000m
Ambient temperature upper limits +40℃, lower limits -10℃
Earthquake intensity not exceeding 8 degree

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