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Vacuum Feeder Switch

Vacuum Feeder Switch

This mining explosion-proof type vacuum feeder switch is used as a low-voltage feeder switch for mobile substations. After the cover board is opened, the switch is oppositely connected with a dry transformer or main switch or branch switch in the AC 50Hz power distribution system of indirect neutral-point earthing with voltage of 1140V or 660V and current of 630A or 500A in underground coal mines with explosive and dangerous gas (methane) and coal dust. It is also made as a big capacity motor of non-frequent start.

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Feeder Switch, KBZ-630(500)/1140(660)(J)

Mode KBZ-630/1140(660)(J) KBZ-500/1140(660)(J)
Rated Voltage (V) 1140 660 1140 660
Rated Current (A) 630 630 500 500
Limited On and Off Capacity (kA) 12. 5 15 9 12.5
Leakage Action Value (kΩ) 40+ 20% 22+ 20% 40+ 20% 22+ 20%
Leakage Lockout Value (kΩ) 20 11 20 11
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