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Meters & Relays

  • Din-rail Mounted Energy Meter Current:1.5(6)A,5(20)A,10(30)A,15(90)A,20(100)A, 5(40)A,5(100)A
    Insulating Property:2Kv alternating voltage for 1min, impact voltage up to 6Kv
    Standard:IEC62053-21, IEC62052-11, DIN EN 5002, DIN43880, DIN43864
  • DDSF3&DTSF3 Multi-Rate Energy MeterPT supply power, anti-magnetic field tamper
    LCD display with backlight, and can be awoken by pressing button.
    Manual scroll display by pressing button
  • DSSD2&DTSD3 Multi-Function Energy MeterActive and reactive four tariff, 8 period, total MD and MD for each tariff.
    Bill record for the former 12 months
    There are IR and RS485 communication ports for the operator to read and set the meter parameters.
  • Pannel Energy Meter Switch Value Input:Four loops input, dry node mode
    Switch Value Output:Four loops output, relay mode
    Analog Value Output:Two loops output, 4-20mA/0-20mA
  • Protection Relay Compare with switching type relays, our protection relays have a clearly defined operating voltage and other operating parameters. They are composed of arrays of induction disks, shaded-pole magnets, operating and restraint coils, solenoid-type operators, telephone-relay style contacts, and phase-shifting networks.

Meters & Relays

A breaker switch is also known as a load break switch. It is a switching device that can close and discontinue the load current, field current, charging current and current of the capacitor bank in normal operating condition. The commonly used break switches include vacuum load break switches, outdoor load break switches and indoor load break switches. According to the working voltage, load break switches can be grouped into high voltage load switches and low voltage load switches. The operating principle of high voltage load switches is similar to breakers. They are generally equipped with an arc control device with simple structure.

Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 certified load break switch manufacturer in China. We can provide various outdoor load break switches and indoor load break switches. The raw materials used in the manufacture of our products have been strictly inspected in order to ensure high performance. Besides load break switches, we also produce wind turbine generators, circuit breakers, disconnect switches and other products. If you are interested in our wind turbine generators and power transmission equipment, we welcome you to contact us! Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. looks forward to working with you!

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  • Low Voltage Components Disconnect switches generally refer to high voltage disconnect switches with 1Kv or above rated voltage. In the circuit, disconnect switches have the function of isolation. They are the most commonly used switches among all high voltage switching apparatus. Its operating principle and structure are simpler...