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Low Voltage Components

  • Low Voltage Circuit Breaker MCB (Miniature circuit breaker) is a thermal-magnetic breaker whose rated current is less than 100A. Normally, its trip characteristics are nonadjustable. MCCB (Molded case circuit breaker) also is a thermal-magnetic breaker with rated current up to 2500A. Its trip current is adjustable...
  • AC Contactor Our AC contactor is an electrically controlled switch mainly used to control circuit or switch the power. It is widely used in electric motors, lighting devices, heating equipment, capacitor banks, and other electrical load control devices...

Low Voltage Components

Disconnect switches generally refer to high voltage disconnect switches with 1Kv or above rated voltage. In the circuit, disconnect switches have the function of isolation. They are the most commonly used switches among all high voltage switching apparatus. Its operating principle and structure are simpler. However, as they have a large usage amount, a high operational reliability is required, which has great influence on the design, building and safe operation of electric power substations and electric power plants. The disconnecting link has no arc extinction ability, so it only can seperate and close circuits when there is no load current.
According to the method of installation, disconnect switches can be divided into indoor disconnect switches and outdoor disconnect switches. Outdoor disconnect switches can work in bad environment and is resistant to the corrosion of wind, rain, snow, dew, ice, heavy frost and dirty things. High voltage disconnect switches are suitable for working outdoors and are mainly applied to rural power grids and rural-urban fringe zone with a large market. The low voltage disconnect switches are suitable for low voltage end power distribution system in home, building and other places.

Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. is a major disconnect switch manufacture in China. Besides disconnect switches, we also produce wind turbine generators, circuit breakers, load break switches, indoor vacuum circuit breakers and other products. These products are widely applied to wind generation, rural power grids, military activities, outdoor tour, investigation and research, production field, public places, residential building and other places. If you want to know more information about our products, please feel free to contact us!

Other Products
  • Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer The most common and the most necessary use of various power transformers is the transportation of electricity from power plants to homes and businesses. Since power often has to travel a long distance, it is transformed first into a more manageable state. Then the power is transformed
  • Meters & Relays A breaker switch is also known as a load break switch. It is a switching device that can close and discontinue the load current, field current, charging current and current of the capacitor bank in normal operating condition. The commonly used load break switches include vacuum load break switches...