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Pannel Energy Meter

Pannel Energy Meter

General Specification
Input Measurement Network1 Phase, 3 Phase 3 Line, 3 Phase 4 Line
VoltageRated VoltageAC100V~400V, DC100V~400V/DC75mV
OverloadPermanent: 1.2 times
Temporary: 2 times/10s
Power Consumption<1VA (each phase)
AccuracyRMS measurement,CLASS 0.5
CurrentRated CurrentAC1A, AC5A, AC10A, AC500mA, DC5A/DC20mA
Over loadPermanent: 1.2 times
Temporary: 2 times/10s
Power Consumption<0.4VA (each phase)
AccuracyRMS measurement, CLASS 0.5
Frequency40~60Hz, accuracy 0.1Hz
DisplayLED display or LCD Screen
PowerOperation RangeAC, DC 80~270V
Power Consumption≦5VA
EnvironmentWorking Environment-10~55ºC
Store Environment-20~75ºC
OptionalProgrammableOutputCommunication InterfaceRS-485, MODBUS-RTU protocol
Switch Value InputFour loops input, dry node mode
Switch Value OutputFour loops output, relay mode
Analog Value OutputTwo loops output, 4-20mA/0-20mA
MarkBoundary Dimension (mm) Hole Size(mm)Installation Length(mm)Remark
1160×80152×728216 Groove
2120×120108×1087542 Square
380×8076×76756 Square
4120×60116×568046 Groove
596×4892×44805 Groove
996×9688×887596 Square
A72×7267×677572 Square
D48×4845×4580Mini Square
SeriesTypeMeasurement RangeAuxiliary FunctionDimension List (mm)
APA2001-3I/U/F/PF/kW/kVar/KVA/kWh/kVarh/ Four-quadrant /UI Component/UI Harmonic(2~31)/ UI Unbalance Degree1.Multi-rate
2.20 SOE Record
4.4-20mA/0-20mA analog output
5.Switch input and output
HPD390E-HI/U/F/PF/kW/kVar/KVA/kWh/kVarh/Harmonic content1.RS485
2.4-20mA/0-20mA analog output
3.Switch input and output
EPD390EI/U/F/PF/kW/kVar/kWh/kVarh1.RS485 120×120/96×96 /80×80/72×72
K PA390I/PZ390U/PD390F/ PD390H/PS390P/PS390Q /PS390PQ/PD390UI I/U/F/PF/kW/kVar/KVA (PS:AC/DC Each type for each measurement range) 1.RS485
2.4-20mA/0-20mA analog output
3.Relay alarm
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