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Sealed Oil Immersed Power Transformer

Sealed Oil Immersed Power Transformer

A sealed oil immersed power transformer is a kind of important equipment in the power supply and distribution systems of industrial and mining enterprises, and civil construction.

1. Sealed oil immersed power transformers generally adopt cylindrical structure with copper foil winding around the shaft. The high voltage winding adopts multi-layered cylindrical structure to make ampere-turns reach equilibrium, which ensure little magnetic-flux leakage, high mechanical strength and strong anti-short circuit ability.
2. The iron core and winding are both tightened. The core and winding assembly and low-voltage leads adopt locknuts without core structure, which can bear shock in the transportation.
3. The winding and iron core adopt vacuum drying. The transformer oil adopts vacuum oil filtering and oil filling, which effectively minimizes the moisture inside the transformer.
4. The oil box adopts corrugated sheet with breathing function, which can compensate the volume change resulted from the changes of temperature. Therefore, our sealed oil immersed power transformer has no oil conservator, which obviously reduces the height of our power transformer.
5. Without oil conservator, our power transformer is isolated from outside, which effectively prevent oxygen and moisture from entering into the transformer and ensure the insulating performance.
With above five features, in normal operation, our sealed oil immersed power transformer doesn't need to change oil, which can greatly lower the maintenance cost and prolong the service life.

Technical Parameters

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