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Small and Medium Wind Power Generator

Small and Medium Wind Power Generator

We have small and medium wind power generators from 400W to 50KW, a series of horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines, off-grid or on-grid. Our products are used in islands, farms, the fishing industry, mountainous areas, navigation as well as regions that enjoy good wind resources but have a lack of electricity. Our products are efficient, stable, light, durable and easy to install. They have been approved and are well-received in both the domestic and international markets

Technical Data for 3000w Wind Power Generator

Permanent Magnet Direct Drive AC Generator
Rated Power: 3000W
Max Power: 4500W
Rated Rotor Speed: 200(r/m)
Rated Speed: 8(m/s)
Output Voltage: 220V
Start up Wind Speed: 3(m/s)
Work Speed: 3-30(m/s)
Security Wind Speed: 50(m/s)
Generator Shell Material: Pressure cast iron

Height of Pole: 8 m
Thickness: 6 mm
Tower Diameter: 133(mm)
Flange: 150*150*10 (mm)
Material: Q235 Steel pipe
Surface Treatment: Paint against decay
Guy wire tower or Free stand tower

Material of Blades: FRP Lay-up by hand
Number of Blades: 3pcs
Diameter of Blades: 5.0M

Nose Cone
Material of Dome: FRP Lay-up by hand
Number of Dome: 1pcs

Tail Vane and Tail Vane Booms
Material: Q235 steel plate
Surface Treatment: Paint against decay
Function: It allows the blade face to move toward the wind direction in order to receive the max wind power.

ADVANCED Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller
Rated Wind Input Power: 3kW
Rated PV Input Power: 0.9kW
Rated Battery Voltage: 216VDC
Floating Charge Voltage:252VDC
Control Mode: PWM
Display Method: LCD
Display Parameter: Battery voltage, wind turbine voltage, PV voltage, wind turbine current, PV current, wind turbine power, PV power, under-voltage, short-circuit, night, etc.
Cooling Method: Fan
Protection Type: Solar panel reverse-charge protection, solar panel reverse-connect protection, battery reverse-connect protection, battery open curcuit
protection, wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake protection
Operation Ambient Temperature: -20~55℃
Operation Altitude: ≤4000m
Humidity: 35~85%, without condensing

Rated Output Capacity: 3kW
Rated Battery Voltage: 216VDC
Over Voltage Point: 306VDC
Over Voltage Recovery Point: 297VDC
Under Voltage Point: 189VDC
Under Voltage Recovery Point: 216VDC
No Load Loss: 0.12A
Output Waveform: Pure sine wave
Display Method: LCD
Display Parameter: Battery voltage, output voltage, state parameter
Cooling Method: Fan
Rated Output Voltage: 110/120/220/230/240VAC
Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤4%
Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz±0.05Hz
Dynamic Response: 5%
Overload Ability: 120% one minute, 150% 10 seconds
Inverting Efficiency: Max. 90%
Noise (1m): ≤40dB
Dielectric Strength: 1500VAC, one minute
Protection Type: Battery over voltage protection, battery under voltage protection, battery reverse-connect protection, output over load protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection
Operation Ambient Temperature: -20~50℃
Operation Altitude: ≤4000m
Operation Ambient Humidity: 0~90%, no condensing
Size (W×H×D) mm: 470×430×300 Weight (KG): 24.5

Dim (Copper): Φ4mm 13m
Material: Copper and PVC
Accessories Base, wire, wire tightening tool, anchors of base, anchors of wire, nut and washer and bolt suitable for installation
Capacity and Quantity of Battery 12V100AH 18 pieces (Lead acid battery)
We suggest customers buy batteries locally

1. Our generator offers a cooling function. It cannot burn out when the wind is very strong.
2. The wire package in the wind power generator is made of copper wire which can resist 160℃ heat. It offers high insulated performance, high magnetic permeability, and high generating efficiency.
3. The magnetic sheet is Neodymium iron boron, not ferrite. Neodymium iron has a longer life time than ferrite and is not easily demagnetized. The stator is made of 470 silicon steel sheet, not iron sheet.
4. The blades are made of three pieces FRP blades that have a streamline shape. They are unidirectional, and made by hand from a fiber fabric and epoxy resin mold. The blades feature inner foam, they are not hollow. The blades offer low noise. There is no need for adjustment, the blades have a good quality of balance and do not shake. They offer strength and fatigue resistance.
5. The wind power generator controller is a solar and wind hybrid and has a manual brake button. It offers 200% immediate protection foundation.
6. Inverters are pure sine wave, not square wave or vehicle-borne inverter.
7. The material of the tower is steel tube, PET paint, anti-decaying, antiseptic, and rustproof.

1. Delivery time: 15 days
2. Payment: T/T 50% deposit and balance after receiving a copy of the B/L
3. Min order quantity: 1 set
4. Container capacity:
20' container 11 sets
40' container 24 sets
5. Packing : Plywood case
6. Technical parameter can be adjusted per your demand.
7. Guarantee: The guarantee of the turbine is three years. The guarantee of the inverter and controller is one year from the date of purchase (Act of God or majeure)

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