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Indoor High Voltage AC Load Break Switch, Fuse Assembled Apparatus

Indoor High Voltage AC Load Break Switch, Fuse Assembled Apparatus

This indoor HV vacuum load switch and combination apparatus is applicable for urban electric network improvement project, industrial enterprise, high building and public facility for terminal power supply of looped net and distribution, as control and protection device of electrical equipments. It can be equipped with ring main unit and combination substation. This indoor load break switch accords with IEC 265 <HV Load Switch> and GB 3804.1 <3 to 63Kv AC HV Load Switch>.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage 12Kv
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Rated maximum fuse current 125A
Transfer current 1550A
1min P.F withstand voltage phase to phase, to earth 42Kv, gaps49Kv
Lightning impulse withstand voltage phase to phase, to earth 75Kv, gaps85Kv
Impinger model for fuse Medium model

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