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Indoor Medium Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Indoor Medium Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VHY1-12/24/40.5 Model indoor AC HV vacuum circuit breaker is a type of holistic sealed HV switchgear with small volume and compact structure. It applies to the power system of rated voltage 12/24/40.5Kv, three-phase AC 50/60Hz, and is used to control and protect electrical apparatus and circuits with frequent operations. This product conforms to IEC62271-100 and GB1984, JB3855 and DL403.

Technical Specifications of VHY1-12/24/40.5 Indoor Medium Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VHY1-12/24/40.5 Indoor Medium Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Technical Parameters
No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated Voltage Kv 40.5
2 Rated Current A 630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
3 Rated Insulation Level Rated 1min P.F Withstand Voltage Between Phases and Phase to Earth Kv 95
Between gaps 95
Rated Lightning Withstand Voltage Between Phases and Phase to Earth 185
Between Gaps 185
4 Rated Frequency Hz 50
5 Rated Short Time Withstand Voltage 4s kA 25 31.5
6 Rated Breaking Current 25 31.5
7 Rated Peak Withstand Current 63 80
8 Rated Short Time Making Voltage 63 80
9 Rated Short Circuit Durance s 4
10 Rated Operation Consequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
11 Mechanical Life Time 10,000
12 Rated Out of Phase Earthing Fault Breaking Current kA 21.7 27.4
13 Rated Cable Charging Breaking Current A 50
14 Electric Life E2 class

Mechanical Characters of Circuit Breaker

No. Name Unit Data
1 Open Distance Between Contacts mm 19±1
2 Over-travel of Contacts 5±0.5
3 Central Pole Distance 280±1.5
4 Permissible Wearable for Contacts 3
5 Average Opening Speed m/s 17±0.3
6 Average Closing Speed 0.6± 0.2
7 Closing Spring Time of Contacts m/s ≦5
8 Time Spread Between Poles at Closing/Opening ≦2
9 Resistance of Main Circuit 1250A μΩ Fixed type ≦35 Handcart ≦45
1600A ≦35 ≦40
2000A ≦25 ≦30
2500A 3150A ≦20 ≦25
10 Opening Time ms 15~50
11 Closing Time 40~75
12 Characters of Operating Mechanism 65%~120%rated voltage Voltage reliably
≦30% rated voltage No open

Technical Parameters of Operating Mechanism

No. Name Unit Data
1 Rated Opening Voltage/Current V/A DC(AC)220/1.5, DC(AC)110/3
2 Rated Closing Voltage/Current DC(AC)220/1.5, DC(AC)110/3
3 Rated Short Time over Current Tripping Current A 5
4 Rated Voltage of Second Wiring V DC(AC)220/DC(AC)110
5 Rated Voltage of Charging Motor DC(AC)220/DC(AC)110
6 Rated Output Power of Charging Motor W 70
7 Charging Time s ≦12
8 Rated 1 Min P.F Frequency of Second Wiring V 2000
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