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Universal Air Circuit Breaker

Universal Air Circuit Breaker

Our universal air circuit breaker can distribute power in distribution network, and offer protection for lines and power units against overload, short circuit and under voltage.

Normally, our universal air circuit breaker also can be used as a nonfrequent converter of lines or a nonfrequent starter of electric motor. Besides, breakers whose rated current is below 1250A can effectively protect electric motor from the damage of overload and short circuit in the electric network of AC 50Hz and voltage 380V.

Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading universal air circuit breaker manufacturer located in China. Our primary products include wind turbine generators, circuit breakers, load break switches, and more.

All our products are KEMA, GOST, CCC, TUV, WTGS and GB certified, and widely exported to more than thirty countries, such as Germany, the United Stated, Russia, Iran, South Africa, Argentina, etc.

For further information about our universal air circuit breakers or any of our other products, please contact Huayi Electric Co., Ltd. via email or phone available on this website.

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