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Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

This vacuum electromagnetic starter is ideal for mines having explosive gases (Methane) and coals, and is used in AC 50Hz, 1140(660)V power supply circuit. The vacuum electromagnetic starter can control, start, stop, reverse rotation and double-switch 6-12 3-phase AC asynchronous inductance motors or 3-6 AC double-winding and double-speed motors. It can protect motors and their power supply circuits. The vacuum electromagnetic starter is attached in KJ2000 mine electric power automatic control and comprehensive measurement and monitor systems to realize automatic control on power supply equipment in mining areas. The starter has all Chinese LCD touch screen display offering a highly stable performance and highly reliable man-machine conversation function.

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter
Table 1 Overload, Short-circuit, and Phase Failure Protection

No. Protection Items Work Condition Start Time Start Status Reset
Work Current/Current Setting
1 Overload Protection 1.05 2h no action Start from cold state Manual
2 1.20 5min<t <20min Start from hot state
3 1.50 1min<t <3min Start from hot state
4 6 5s<t <16s Start from cold state
5 3-phase Short Circuit Protection 7, 8, 9 (200-400)ms Start from cold state
Phase Failure Protection 2nd phase at random 3rd phase
6 1.0 1.15 No action Start from cold state
7 0.9 0 <20min Start from hot state

Table 2 Under Voltage, Over Voltage and Leakage Protection Features

No. Protection Items Work Condition Action Parameters
1 Under Voltage Protection Uw Uw <5%Un
2 Over Voltage Protection Uw Uw >10%Un
3 Load line insulation resistance to earth Load line insulation resistance to earth R≦22k +20%(660V) R≤ 40k +20%(1140V)
4 Leakage Unlock Load line insulation resistance to earth No less than 1.5 times of the leakage locking value
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