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Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter

The QBZ2-2x120/1140(660) mining explosion proof partial ventilator combination vacuum electromagnet starter (hereafter called Starter) applies to mines that are full of dangerous gas (methane) and coal dust. The rated voltage is 1140V or 660V and starter can be used to control and protect several counter rotating partial ventilators' combinational operation, so that it can ensure the heading face's continual ventilation and reduce unplanned stop ventilation events.

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter, QBZ2-2×120(80)/1140(660,380)F

Model QBZ- 2×120/ 1140( 660, 380) F QBZ- 2×80/ 1140( 660, 380) F
Rated Voltage (V) 1140 660 380 1140 660 380
Rated Current (A) 120 120 120 80 80 80
Max. Power of Controlled Electric Machine 175 100 55 115 65 35
Control Voltage (V) 36 36 36 36 36 36
Leakage Lockout Value (kΩ) 40+20% 22+20% 7+20% 40+20% 22+20% 7+20%
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