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Metal-enclosed Gas-insulated Switchgear

Metal-enclosed Gas-insulated Switchgear

This XGZP1-40.5 metal-enclosed gas-insulated switchgear is the latest miniaturized product in modular design with its width less than ≤ 650mm. It is configured with the gas tank and the functional units similar to the three-position disconnector and circuit breaker. Varying in different specifications, the product is versatile in the MV power distribution system.

Every product is configured with a laser welded SF6 gas tank made of imported stainless steel plate that is 3mm wide. In the gas tank, there are a series of switch components and busbars that are waterproof, dustproof, maintenance free and not subject to external impact and altitude impact.

Aided with the silicon rubber connectors, the busbars of the metal-enclosed gas-insulated switchgear can be stretched left and right. The connector is reliable, flexible and secure. It effectively avoids the appearance of gas system issues in the installation at site.

This product presents reliable mechanical and electrical interlocking, which can avoid maloperation effectively. It also adopts a series of intelligent devices that facilitate the
performance of control, protection, measurement, communication as well as the automated distribution.

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