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GCS Low Voltage Drawable Distribution Switchgear

GCS Low Voltage Drawable Distribution Switchgear

This low voltage switchgear can play the role of distribution, motor, centralized control, and reactive power compensation in power generation and power supply systems of three phase AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 380V(400V, 600V), rated current 4000A and below, where require high automation and interfaces with computers.

Main Features
1. There are complete assembly mode and partial welding mode including cubicle and crossbeam for customer's selection.
2. All function departments are separated from each other. The function unit compartment, bus compartment and cable compartment, and their functions are relatively independent.
3. Level main bus is arranged for plate-set behind cubicle to enhance its ability against electrodynamic force. It is a basic measure to make main circuit be of high short-circuit strength.
4. The design of cable compartment provides easy incoming and outgoing of cables.
5. A mechanical interlocking device is used in drawer unit.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage 380V 400V 600V
Rated current Horizontal bus: ≤4000A
Rated frequency 50HZ
Protection degree IP40

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