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MNS Low Voltage Switchgear

MNS Low Voltage Switchgear

This LV withdrawable switchgear can be widely applied to power plant, substation, oil field, chemical industry, and metallurgy, to play the role of control, protection and monitoring.

Main Features
1. The basic enclosure is assembling structure and all the structure parts are zinc coated. The draw cabinet is measured with modular (unit: E=25mm, same as following).
2. The main circuit is separated from auxiliary circuit.
3. Horizontal bus bar cabinet, function drawer cabinet, and cable cabinet are separated from each other.
4. The movable MCC panel has single side operation and double sides operation structures.
5. A mechanical interlock unit is adopted to ensure the safe operation. The operation handle on the mechanical interlock unit and main circuit breaker can be locked by three padlocks in the same time.
6. There are protection earth system and cable slot on auxiliary loop.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage AC 380V 660V
Rated current 630-5000A(Horizontal bus bar) 600-2000A(Vertical bus bar)
Rated frequency 50HZ(60HZ)
Protection degree IP30 IP40

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