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AC Metal Clad Switchgear

AC Metal Clad Switchgear

This XGW9-12 AC metal clad switchgear is the upgraded version of XGN74-12 box type fixed product with enclosure. The latter is an indoor high voltage distribution device, suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz power system. It offers line control, segmentation, reconstruction, protection mainly for the 12Kv secondary distribution system.

This AC metal clad switchgear is suitable for production and supply, especially in urban residential areas, large public buildings, substations, commercial and industrial areas, rural towns and other high density areas with power supply load. This product features secure operation, weatherproof performance, easy installation, space conservation, simple maintenance, high reliability and utilization.

Technical Parameters
No.NameUnitLoad switch unitComposite apparatus unitCircuit breaker unit
1Rated voltagekV121212
2Insulation level1min power frequency withstand voltagekV42/4842/4842/48
Lightning impulse withstand impulse75/8575/8575/85
3Rated currentA630/1250125630/1250
4Rated transfer currentA1700
5Closed loop breaking currentA630
6Charging cable breaking currentA10
75% Rated active load breaking current A31.5
8Ground fault breaking currentA30
9Earth fault cable charging breaking currentA17.3
10Rated short-circuit breaking currentkA20
11Rated making capacitykA5050
12Rated withstand current 4SkA2020
13Rated peak withstand currentkA5050
14Mechanical life (main switch/earthing switch)Time10000/300010000/300010000/3000
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