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Indoor Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear

Indoor Removable AC Metal-clad Switchgear

The KYN61-40.5 indoor removable AC metal-clad switchgear is suitable for 40.5kV, 3 phase, AC and 50/60Hz electrical power network. It is usually used to receive and distribute the power energy. Moreover, it is also in charge of control, monitoring and protection for the system. This product is widely applied in general power system and applications with frequent operation.

This indoor removable AC metal-clad switchgear is made in consistent with the GB3906 standard of 3 to 35Kv AC metal enclosed switchgear, IEC60694 and GB/T11022 Common Specification for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Standard, DL/T404-1997 Order Technical Term of Indoor AC HV Switchgear and IEC62271-200 standard of 1 to 52Kv AC metal enclosed switchgear and control gear.

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